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Sunday, August 21, 2011


HERE WE ARE... One year ago... on AUGUST 21,2010 THIS was BEFORE the girrrls tossed their Garters... you can see them .. if you look close.. hehehe
We have had a very eventful year... fur three dachshunds.. We CELEBRATED HOLIDAYS and we Suffered the loss of some wonderful furends... Our Treasured Furend Richie made this Valentine fur US... before he crossed the bridge.

We did some Traveling... THIS is from the July trip to HonaRooRoo

We now have SockMonkey beds... {{{{BLUSH}}}}

and.... Mom J., (MY Beloved Mother In Paw) made MATCHING winter Coats fur US.. the girrls have Bows on their butts.. hehehe Not me though... I had to have some Special... alterations on MY coat ... butt they don't want me to tell about that... hehehehe OH... they did get me a wonderful Red HAT that even has a MILKBONE HOLDER too... I can tell THAT pawt.

Like I said we have been Clear around the HOLIDAY CALENDAR together...

AND... then there is our PAWblic Service work...

We Furters believe in serving Blogville and trying to make it the bestest place in the world.

As you can tell...

We have enjoyed the SWINGS in Temperature, and the swings in OUR YardS, as the seasons rolled by.

All things considered... Ruby and Penny and I have had a WONDERFUL YEAR TOGETHER.

We Look forward to MANY MANY more, AND WE WISH THE SAME FUR YOU!
Ruby, Penny, and I invite you to Scroll backward in time a bit, and look at our posts from the wedding. THANK YOU FOR COMING.

The year was NOT without some "BUMPS"

When we say BUMPS... we aren't exactly Barkin about the kind that you find in a long stretch of BAD ROAD.. NO... WE really mean LUMPS


Bumps , Lumps, Muzzle Mumps, Facial HUMPS... We were sort of Down in the DUMPS over this situation... well actually TWO SEPERATE SITUATIONS..
Ruby and I BOTH had these BAD BUMP BOUTS... We were Miserable. BUTT the one thing WE could count on... Frank would LOVE us....

through these rough patches... Through THICK and Thin we are sure he will be here fur us... Always.

PeeS.... the humps and bumps and lumps are all gone... butt Not Frank's love...

Although my ALWAYS Beautiful wives were worried at the time, they are both all better, thanks to Mom J.'s good care, and looking as gorgeous as ever. We don't even KNOW what caused these BUMPS... Months apawt.

Well, the furst year of MARRIAGE is supposed to be a LEARNING year, Right? And we all three learned that LOVE really WILL Keep US Together... just like that that old song said it would.

Yes... even when Ruby and Penny found out my SECRET ...

My Beautiful Wives still LOVED me... and have accepted the fact that they married a..


Even in my tighty whities.. Surf Shirt.. and ridin my BOARD...

Even my BRIEFS.. attempt at TRYING to be THEIR Hero...

WE have managed to stay together... We may be seperated by MILES butt we are TOGETHER in Heart and Mind and Spirit... WE are the FUREVER FURTERS.

Please feel free to go back to our "Older" Posts and look through the Wedding Pictures and the Story of our BIG DAY!!! Sending OUR LOVE to YOU, Ruby, Penny, and Frankie

Special Anniversary Pressie for my WIVES...

Unlike a Sand-Script that will soon be washed away by the tide... My LOVE fur the TWO of you... will withstand... the Sands of TIME.


We are united FUREVER on my WALL of LOVE.

I hope that you like your pressie. It was very much difficult to keep it a secret from you. LOVE YOU, Frank

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Join Us Please

Dearest Furends,
Tomorrow... August 21,2011 marks the Furst ANNIVERSARY of our Marriage.
We would be SO very Honored to have YOU join us in taking a look back at our Wedding and some of the Fun, and perhaps a bit embarrassing, furst year of

Wedded Bliss !


Ruby, Penny, & Frankie


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sad News...

I hate to tell you this butt.. there won't be any nifty pictures of our Honeymoon.
We were in the gondola thingy and.. well the girrrls (now my WIVES) who are kinda ornery sometimes... well they were.. sort of teasing me and they were making tickles and stuff when I was TRYING to take their pictures.. and ummmm well, I sort of accidently... dropped our only camera.. in the canal. hehehe SORRY there won't be any pictures. Butt we surely do have grrrreat memories of our Bachelor and Bachelorette Pawties, and the Wedding, and the Reception and the... H O N E Y M O O N.
Married life is GRRRRRREAT.
PeeS... Don't furget that Penny is having a Birfday.

THANKS AGAIN FUR making this all so WONDERFUL. We are sooo .. hey you two stop that.. hehehehehehehhehe ... ummmmm I gotta go.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We are going on a REAL Honeymoon. We surely do hope that Preacher Puddles made this a LEGAL thing.

We took a COPY of her CERTIFICATE with us... just in case.

And here is where we are going... and how we got to go ...

We just have the bestest furends ever... Mango the Maltese Kiddo and Ximui and Chubs got into their Piggy Bank and Treat Jar... and gave us....
A Honeymoon to remember in...... Drum Roll.....

Venice, Italy

Isn't that the grrrreatest thing???
Thank you soooooo much.

Thank you EVERYBUDDY for coming to our WEDDING and fur being our Furends.

See everybuddy when we get back!!!!!

Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Frankie Furter

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Guests Post # 5

No one has seen Alien's ship.. and that wild and crazy bunch that took off in it.. for a while. Wonder what they are up to?

More of the Guests:

Stanzie was quiet at furst... butt wow did she loosen up when the band started. Don't let that sweet lace collar fool you!! The gal can shake a paw! She even danced a couple of times with Mango.

Wyatt really got into singing with the E. Thugs. There were rumors that he may want to start a band of his own. Perhaps call them the Green Thumbs. The ladies were lickin' their chops over him, that's for sure.

Here we have Lola and Franklin. She kept a Sisterly Eye on her brother. Don't they look spiffy??? They remembered that Ruby and Penny LOVE Yellow... how thoughful of them. Once Lola gave Franklin a couple of good dance steps to practice... she went to town herself. She was even seen break dancin' with Tucker. They made a good couple on the dance area.

Next we have:

DoDo, MoMo and.....

... Fluffy . They kind of stuck close together. They were a bit shy. Butt they did manage to get plenty of food and cake!!! And after they met some furends their age... they had a super time.

Here is Tucker showing some of his fancy pawwork. The guy can really DANCE!!! We just may see him on that Dancin' with the Stars show. He even found a couple of other Guys that could do some dance floor damage. Together they put on quite a show for the crowd. Tucker was very popular with the Wo-Dawgs.

Zona, Phoenix, and Cali took a rest and listened to the band and kept time with their tails.
That was the dance number where Sarge was out there with Morgan. It was the ONLY dance those two sat out... that's for sure. Phoenix and Cali had no problem finding pawtners either.

Tessa looked soooo cool and comfortable in her summer dress. For a tiny gal... she packed in some food and drink and GOOOOD times.

Lorenza was so popular with the fellas that she hardly got to take a drink break. We were all kind of disappointed that she didn't change dresses 87 times though. hehehe

Bunny, Blueberry and Lilac shocked everyone when they ....

jumped up and started.......

DANCING LIKE.... well, you know those Chip and Dale guys... and they were HOWLING... Green Papers... Green Papers.... give US Green Papers. Those ladies ended up with dozens of green papers under their collars. Must be those L O N G legs of theirs. They even did a Rockettes Kick Dance... Maybe that was what they were working on while they were off in Alien's Space ship with.... Puddles and her "CREW". hehehe

Morgan was really excited when Sarge asked her to dance. Butt then she met a couple of the other guys and seemed to forget all about Frankie's Best Dawg. This young lady may need some "Watching" in the future.

Hero hardly left Twix's side. He didn't even dance with anyone else. They made a striking couple. Doesn't Twix look AMAZING in Yellow??? And she remembered that it was the Wedding color... not surprising... She is that kind of lady. And that is JUST the way Hero treated her too. Like a Lady... He must have noticed that Twix's Dad is ... well, just a bit protective of her.

Speaking of Looking .... Gorgeous.... Check out Spongy and Licky.... Pearls Feathers and Flowers... and a couple of Fine Ladies. Who would have thought they could MOVE like THAT?????

Holly the good dog shows us all how to kick up our paws on the dance floor. She really knows how to move. She can certainly FLY when she has a Fast song to move and groove to. Her paws hardly touched down the entire time.

Stay Tuned for .... our big ......SEND OFF.........

Our Guests Post #4

Let the Good Times Roll:

Remi was quite a hit with the Wo-Dawgs. He seemed a bit layed back at furst butt once he had a tummy full of picnic he got right into the SWIM of things. He even asked Ciara to dance.

Fortuanately Alien was more interested in Sugar than he was in Puddles. He kept asking her to dance and bringing her drinks. We were all stunned when Alien didn't seem to CARE that Puddles and her CREW... just up and took off in his space ship. No one thought we would ever see Puddles, Mayzie, or Maggie Mae again... especially since Norwood, Dennis, and Rooney were also on board.

Sallie Marie had the time of her life, once the band started up. She about danced her lovely paws off... with a certain Bo-Dawg..... It was a good thing she ate well at the picnic. BTW... do you have any idea how much an Alien can EAT???? Ginger and Chip said that they saw Alien stuff a burger and BEANS in Sallie Marie's purse. Now that is gonna stain, for sure.

Talk about eating... that Anakin Man shoveled in some Serious Groceries now. Well, he may have been nervous about his up coming Performance. Butt you should have seen how much the guy DRANK.... His lovely date Sequoia hardly left his side. She was even passing out paper and pencils for Anakin to give Pawtographs. She is one smitten Pug. The only problem came when Fenris asked Sequoia to dance... and Anakin Man just about came after the poor guy. Whew.. that was close, let me tell you.

Shasta and Shiloh had themselves a blast. They hadn't gotten out much lately and must have needed to let their ears down... BIG TIME. They ate like... well, that will just stay here,too. THEN they started workin' the crowd. They were everywhere havin a howling good time. THEN... the dancing started and Katie Bar the Door.. Those beagles can BOOGIE.

Shiv was pretty quiet until... the Garter Toss. Man he can move for a little guy. He got right in there with all the big guys and gave it his best shot.

Chico had a riot with all the new furends and exciting happenings. What a DANCER, by the way. Proving once again.. you don't have to BE hoooge to have a HOOOOGE bunch of fun.

Oh Sweet Sugar... we don't call her SWEET for nothing. That gal helped all the young'uns out BEFORE she got her food, drink, and cake. Then she did a circle dance with about 6 of them at once. SWEET that's her... BUTT make no mistake she had a good time later.. You should see how she can MOVE and GROOVE to an Elgin Thug tune!!! Alien seemed to agree!

Toby Moses... does NOT move like his namesake. At least not when the beat is fast and furious.

George Pooh was no slouch with the dancin' or the ladies. What is it with all these pugs.. they are a wild and crazy breed.

Now Lily Jayne was a bit (just a bit) more reserved... until she started makin' eyes at Anakin when he was singing and playing music. She is lucky Sequoia didn't see.

And Mimi Roo was givin' Shingo the "eye" ......

.... and Gracie Lynn was out there shakin' booty with the best of 'em. What IS it with these Pugs???? Perhaps it was the Headliner??? Perhaps it was just that we have so many Smush Faced furends. Whatever... they ALL seem to love a pawty.

Look at Molly in her Pretty Pirate dress. Hope she doesn't plan to take over Frankie's Ship.

OR... Alien's space ship...

Of course we KNOW for a fact that Indiana and Shingo LOVE to Pawty with the best of 'em.
This pawty was TAME compared to the Luau in Hona Roo Roo.

Speaking of a Pawty Animal... Josie can fill that bill FUR SURE. Just look at how gorgeous she is in her RED HOT frock. This is a gal lookin for.... ummmm ...... now SEE ...that is ANOTHER thing that is stayin' here. BOL BOL

Now here we have Mango the Maltese Kiddo and Ximui and Chubs Just look how ready they were to get into the celebration mode!!! They did some serious eating and ... oooops.. can't tell that pawt. Another of those things that Stayed. BOL

And... there are STILL MORE guests and Great good Times to come... sooooo