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Sunday, August 21, 2011


HERE WE ARE... One year ago... on AUGUST 21,2010 THIS was BEFORE the girrrls tossed their Garters... you can see them .. if you look close.. hehehe
We have had a very eventful year... fur three dachshunds.. We CELEBRATED HOLIDAYS and we Suffered the loss of some wonderful furends... Our Treasured Furend Richie made this Valentine fur US... before he crossed the bridge.

We did some Traveling... THIS is from the July trip to HonaRooRoo

We now have SockMonkey beds... {{{{BLUSH}}}}

and.... Mom J., (MY Beloved Mother In Paw) made MATCHING winter Coats fur US.. the girrls have Bows on their butts.. hehehe Not me though... I had to have some Special... alterations on MY coat ... butt they don't want me to tell about that... hehehehe OH... they did get me a wonderful Red HAT that even has a MILKBONE HOLDER too... I can tell THAT pawt.

Like I said we have been Clear around the HOLIDAY CALENDAR together...

AND... then there is our PAWblic Service work...

We Furters believe in serving Blogville and trying to make it the bestest place in the world.

As you can tell...

We have enjoyed the SWINGS in Temperature, and the swings in OUR YardS, as the seasons rolled by.

All things considered... Ruby and Penny and I have had a WONDERFUL YEAR TOGETHER.

We Look forward to MANY MANY more, AND WE WISH THE SAME FUR YOU!
Ruby, Penny, and I invite you to Scroll backward in time a bit, and look at our posts from the wedding. THANK YOU FOR COMING.

The year was NOT without some "BUMPS"

When we say BUMPS... we aren't exactly Barkin about the kind that you find in a long stretch of BAD ROAD.. NO... WE really mean LUMPS


Bumps , Lumps, Muzzle Mumps, Facial HUMPS... We were sort of Down in the DUMPS over this situation... well actually TWO SEPERATE SITUATIONS..
Ruby and I BOTH had these BAD BUMP BOUTS... We were Miserable. BUTT the one thing WE could count on... Frank would LOVE us....

through these rough patches... Through THICK and Thin we are sure he will be here fur us... Always.

PeeS.... the humps and bumps and lumps are all gone... butt Not Frank's love...

Although my ALWAYS Beautiful wives were worried at the time, they are both all better, thanks to Mom J.'s good care, and looking as gorgeous as ever. We don't even KNOW what caused these BUMPS... Months apawt.

Well, the furst year of MARRIAGE is supposed to be a LEARNING year, Right? And we all three learned that LOVE really WILL Keep US Together... just like that that old song said it would.

Yes... even when Ruby and Penny found out my SECRET ...

My Beautiful Wives still LOVED me... and have accepted the fact that they married a..


Even in my tighty whities.. Surf Shirt.. and ridin my BOARD...

Even my BRIEFS.. attempt at TRYING to be THEIR Hero...

WE have managed to stay together... We may be seperated by MILES butt we are TOGETHER in Heart and Mind and Spirit... WE are the FUREVER FURTERS.

Please feel free to go back to our "Older" Posts and look through the Wedding Pictures and the Story of our BIG DAY!!! Sending OUR LOVE to YOU, Ruby, Penny, and Frankie

Special Anniversary Pressie for my WIVES...

Unlike a Sand-Script that will soon be washed away by the tide... My LOVE fur the TWO of you... will withstand... the Sands of TIME.


We are united FUREVER on my WALL of LOVE.

I hope that you like your pressie. It was very much difficult to keep it a secret from you. LOVE YOU, Frank

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Join Us Please

Dearest Furends,
Tomorrow... August 21,2011 marks the Furst ANNIVERSARY of our Marriage.
We would be SO very Honored to have YOU join us in taking a look back at our Wedding and some of the Fun, and perhaps a bit embarrassing, furst year of

Wedded Bliss !


Ruby, Penny, & Frankie