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Thursday, July 22, 2010

You call these guys... Furends???

Francy here: Having Second Thoughts!!

I can NOT believe it. I think I have NO furends left. If you don't believe me just to to Sam and Pippen's blog at and see fur yourself what THEY along with... Boomer, Booker, and Norwood are planning to do at the Girrrl's Bachelorette Pawty. I'm just about to pull my furs out up here on this hill. I don't know which is worse, thinking about ALL of the innocent (well PUDDLES, not so much) girrrls in Blogville seeing these guys MORE than half Nekkid..., or seeing them dressed in FULL UNIFORMS... Aiiiiiiiiieeeeee!!!

Reminder.... all pics .... for any (or All) of our upcoming events... hehehe must be received by

AUGUST 9th......

I am also looking for someone who would be willing to Help Daisy (petsitgirl) with my "Ball and Chain" Pawty.... Her dad is going to Chaperone it... butt he is REALLY busy with lots of impawtant business and could truly use.... A HELPING PAW. Please???

you can email to Daisy with offer(s) of assistance at amcleod65(AT)yahoo(DOT)com
THIS IS FRANKIE FURTER'S CUSSIN' FRANCINE I am really QUITE stunned about this Bachelorette Pawty thingy. I had NO IDEA that it was going to be THAT kind of Pawty. I mean really.. if 87 Uniformed OcciFURS of the Law are needed to keep the PEEce and there are going to be Half Nekkid Bo-Dawgs there, I'm not sure it is a place for a well bred Press-Bah-Tee-re-un Girrl like myself. I FUR shur don't believe that Miss Ruby and Miss Penny need to be seeing .... THINGYS... like that.
I'm just sayin'.
I'm thinkin' about packin my genuine rodent leather bags and heading for... a quiet place to nap.

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Party for Us Girls

Amazing Mayzie & Preacher Puddles are hosting a Bachelorette Party for us. It's going to be so much fun.

You two are the best.

Hope to see you girls there.

Love Ruby & Penny
(soon to be wives of Frankie)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well folks, the GROOM is responsible for giving a "little something" to the Preacher. You know WHO that will be.... Sooooo I got to thinking and decided that I needed to give "HER" something extra special for the BIG day.... In the hopes that.. it might encourage her to BE ON HER BEST BEHAVIOR. I have been thinking about the ceremony as sort of a SCAREmony, you know. Any way I thought that perhaps an Lovely Frock would be the answer. I don't want her up there Nekkid you understand.
So, I contacted this very well known designer of Pawty Dresses and asked him to go to Puddles' BLOG... and read all about her... so that he could get a feel for what she is like and see her size and coloring and all such stuffs as that. Then... I asked him to make something that would be kinda Glamorous (claws we all know that girrls is kinda' red neck) to spiff her all up for Aug.21st..
I had to send him about $87,000.00 green papers to do this work... I guess FAMOUS Clothes guys make LOTS of money for their work. Butt I have confidence that it will help to contol some of Puddles' more Base urges. If you know what I mean.
Well, so the guy took the job and got back to me saying that he has sent the Fancy Frock on to Puddles House .... already. He swears that he has made it all glam with REAL DIAMOND accents and everything. He even sent me a pic of the thingy, butt I am NO Judge of Girrrrls Clothes. Sooo, would you please be so kind as to tell me what you think of the thingy????

an Original design
Mr. Wally Marte

You can see some of his
at a store
Near YOU!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

NO INTERNET Service for me...

Sorry everybuddy... I had the thingy all set to publish, butt we had total cloud cover and that messes up my satellite signal. The link from Frankly Speaking should now work too.


Well, I don't know HOW much this cost her... butt I suspicion that Puddles' Ground Piggy Bank is now totally empty.
HER public has spoken.... It was a total Landslide!!! I am stunned that it wasn't on the Nightly News!!! There was NOT one single Nay vote!!!!!
Sooooo now... once she has shown Ruby and Penny.... PROOF of her supposed credentials...
Puddles Duddles Rain Coat will be the official officiator at OUR Wedding.

I'm stunned. Stunned I tell you. Butt... I know that with all of YOU there to help keep an
That is a pun from yesterday. on her... I guess it will be OK.

I hope you took a good look at the New Header!!! It is a Wedding Gift from...
our dearest furend.... SWEET SUGAR . The girrrrls loved it and so did I.
Butt WAIT.... there's MORE... She also made one that is for AFTER the wedding. What a GRRRRREAT Gal Sugar is. THANK YOU dear furend.

We hope you also look at our new Badge, designed by MinnaK and commissioned by Preacher Puddles. Thank you, we love it and hope all our friends will display it.

I am off to Ms. Buzz Off the GROOM rrrrrr lady today. I am really nervous about it. I have never been a GROOM before so I don't know what to expect.

The girrrls have been busy making OUR blog all nice for you. I hope you like it.
Have a SUPER DAY !!!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Puddles doesn't believe that the NOT for &&&&&&'s Eyes really does work. So she will be in for a big surprise when she can NOT see anything on this post. hehehehe Don't let her pry anything out of you. Mum's the word. She will go totally Cracker Dawg Crazy, not knowing what Ruby and Penny and I are asking of YOU.... You may have noticed that Puddles is sniffin around wanting to be the Preacher at our wedding. We are kinda worried about asking her. So... dear furends we have come up with a solution. We are going to ask YOUR opinion. IF.... IF.... Puddles really does have a Licence to marry us... and can show us PROOF of such, SHOULD WE ASK HER??? YES or NO ????

We are kinda scared that she might end up giving us the induction pledge to something like The Moose or Elk Lodge or... WORSE YET.. some weird Super Secret Squirrel Society. You know Puddles... ANYTHING is possible.
Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think??? You can just answer Yes or No... OR..... feel free to EXPLAIN your reasons.
FOR YOUR PROTECTION... I am making all comments...... NOT for anyone's Eyes Except, Ruby, Penny, and Me (Frankie Furter).
(FINE PRINT: DISCLAIMER... COMMENTS will be confidential... UNLESS we feel they could be used for Roasting little miss Puddles Duddles Rain Gauge )

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Look What the GIRRRRRLS did

I hope that you will all "follow" us on our journey. Love, Ruby, Penny, and Frankie