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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Guests Post #1


Preacher Puddles changed into her Wally Marte original sundress for the reception. Don't you think she did a wonderful job with the ceremony? She is much more PUDDLESLIKE now that it is over. Everyone wonders what sort of mischief she may get into... as the day continues.

Here we have Miss Mayzie all decked out in HER Wally Marte. It's an off the shoulder style. She is waiting for the cake to be cut and the drinks to be served. Of course she is now joined at the hip with her BFF... You know who...

Brudder Ranger is TRYING to keep an eye on his sister. He knows Mayzie, and how she can be when Puddles is around. Ranger certainly looks handsome in his tie. He keeps asking everybuddy if they have seen Puddles and Mayzie. Poor guy.

Yes, Preacher Puddles has been retired for the remainder of the day... And Puddles Duddles WHATEVER is back... Ranger will have his paws full for sure. When Puddles and her BFF Mayzie get together... anything is pawsible.

Molly and Pip looked amazing, and oh what a couple they make. Molly is so pretty and Mr.Pip is a dashing fellow. Pip ushered Molly about as though she were the most precious pup in all Blogville. Everyone hoped that Frankie took note of that. Molly made sure that Pip stayed on his diet.... for the most pawt. Oh did they ever dance and let their furs down. They were both glad that the Chi-Town PoPo have no Authority... in Canada.

Daisy's dad dropped her off and reminded her that she was to be on her best behavior. Now how could a girl wearing a Crown and a Pink dress get into any trouble at a Wedding? He must have been thinking about some of the things he heard and saw when he chaperoned the Bachelor Pawty.
He would have been pleased with her lady like behavior... most of the time. What happened AT the Wedding... Stays.. At the Wedding. (You will be hearing THAT several more times in the next day or so.) BOL

Oh look at this handsome group. Dennis has managed to get Trouble,Tucker, and Trixie to stay out of "danger" for one day, at least.

Mango and Dexter (we can't call a dashing guy like that...PeeWee) are sure to break some hearts today. Norwood was seen chatting with them at one time. This group seemed to have a lot to talk about.... and in Mango's own word... SCARY. Blogville may never be the same.

Look who we have here.... Zona and Sarge. Sarge was worried that she wouldn't make it back from her vacation in time for the wedding. Perhaps she cut a day or so off... just to be sure. Since they both love the "outdoors", it isn't surprising that they chose a QUIET place to eat. They seem to be getting along... quite well... WINK.
They both agreed that Sarge would save a dance with a certain young lady. More on that later.

PeeS.... In case you missed it... Congratulations to: BOOKER MAN and SARGE...... the Lucky guys who caught the girrl's GarterS.

AND.... Congratulations to: Mayzie and Puddles who caught the girrrl's BouquetS.

Now you stay tuned for even MORE wedding guests and Highlights.


  1. How come I have to hang out with PeeWee and those vizslas? Bring on the hot gals! I am so handsome and available.


  2. Congrats to the bouquet and garter winners - maybe we can plan on some more future weddings.

    Everyone looks wonderful. We just know Puddles will provide us with some great entertainment and Mayzie will be right there with her. Pip and Molly look so sweet together. And Sarge Was so excited to see Zona. We are going to try to spend some time with Mango, Pee Wee, Dennis and the rest of the gang - should be so much fun.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. IzZY to Josie: WOW!!! Everything is Perfect!!
    Everyone looks gorgeous!! And oh... Frankie, Penny and Ruby's first dance was beautiful!!

    Josie to IzZY: Oh's yes! Such loves!! 'da Josies heart just melted!! {They Hug}

  4. How comes whenever I come to this post, da song "Bad Girls" is playing?????

    Oh, right....Puddles be on this post


  5. Molly and I had a most wonderful time. We danced the night away under the stars. It was just magical.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. I am having the bestest time. I am just glad that "What happened AT the Wedding... Stays.. At the Wedding". ~Fenris

  7. Oh do I see a little bit of love going on with you Pip and Molly! you can tell me when we go for a swim, nod nod, wink wink.
    Nice to meet the rest of you, there just so many of us.

  8. Pip and Molly are the cutest ever!

  9. I think there could be another wedding on the cards!! I tell yea this one will take some beating

  10. Hey...hey! I Lost Mayzie...oh never mind I sees her. hers at da bar.
    Mayzie, I'll take another please.
    I'm going to dance now.

    Preacher Puddles

  11. What a great wedding it was!!!!!!
    Bambi loved it!!
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern

  12. I see Trouble is taking her role as attentive guest quite seriously ...

  13. Everybody looks so handsome & beautiful!

  14. Mom said something bout peeing in her pants...
    Benny & Lily

  15. Did you see that move Puddles made on poor Twix when she was going for da Bookay?? SPLAT!
    Twix be okays, though.

    Puddles and Mayzie looked liked da Harlem Globetrotters going in for a lay-up, pass and dunk. Then..TWO Points..SCORE...they gots da Bookay!

    Congrats, Ladies. BOL!!!

  16. ohhh, i am still having visions of my sweet miss mayzie in her most lovely wally marte outfit...
    the booker man


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