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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reception: Picnic Foods,1st dance, bouquet, garter

Catering by Oscar Mayer

The tables were full of wonderful foodables and good drinks. The Dachsies With Moxie helped everyone to heaping plates cups and bowls full of summertime favorites. The guests were so full they ended up stretching out all over the beautiful park. Some could even be heard Snoring and Burrrrping. It was a good thing that the girrrrls allowed a bit of extra time before they planned the big garterS and bouquetS tossings.

Oh my goodness will you look at that scrumptious Cake!!! Ruby and Penny do love the sunny COLOR.... YELLOW. They also adore daisies. After the girrls cut the first piece.. they gave Frankie a taste and then he fed a bite to both of them.. ... That was followed by some licking and kissing and giggles, OF COURSE.

Thank you to The Road Dogs for providing the Paw Print Groom Cake. It was delish too.

The guests were wondering where they were going to find tummy space for the cake after that huge meal. Frankie could hardly wait for the last empty cake plate to hit the trash bin... so that he could get on with a CERTAIN... VERY ENJOYABLE... WEDDING TRADITION... The REMOVAL..and tossing of...

the Garter(s). All of the Bo-Dawgs came racing over for that... with very little coaching and calling. It was a real Squirrel Race to see who the TWO lucky guys would be. There was some snapping and snarling and even a bit of bitey face until two paws were raised above everybuddy's heads.

And Winners were.......... Booker Man and Sarge !!!! They really had to jump high and stretch themselves to make the grab. There was a lot of Howling and a bit of low growling from the crowd. CONGRATULATIONS fellas!!!!

Then it was time for the Wo-Dawgs to try their paws at Catching the BOUQUET(S).

What a scramble that was... Twix and Molly gave it their best shot. Ruby and Penny really let those bouquets fly... The girls made a wild scramble. They really kicked up some dust and grass, and when all the skirts and dresses were smoothed back into place the lucky girrrls were...

Mayzie Gal and Puddles. So Ladies do you have some handsome guys in mind.. now that you will be the NEXT to marry???

Once all the clapping and cheering stopped everyone moved over to the Dancing area where

Anakin Man and The Elgin THUGS were ready to get the fun going with their own arrangements of some Paw Tappin' good tunes!

The Elgin Thugs.

Frankie stepped onto the dance floor with

his brides and they started to dance together

for the first time as Husband and Wives!

Song by Anakin Man... Vocals/keyboards...
ET back up vocals and dancer...
Piggy back up vocals and tambourine...
Jane back up vocals.

The dancing and singing and fun went on for hours.... There will be some really sore Paws for a few days.

The good times continued even after the Newlyweds got back into the Carriage for their ride to...

Well now... just were is it that they are going? That little surprise will have to wait for a another post. Please keep coming back to the Wedding Blog over the next days to see just what really happened at the Reception and where the Happy New Pack will be enjoying their HONEYMOON.


  1. Great music for the newlyweds! Now that we are at the reception with all of this food, could I have another beer with it please? Thanks! Holly peesss: This is a wonderful wedding and reception!!

  2. Oh what a beautiful wedding and grand reception! We wish we could have been there. Thank you so much for sharing it with us and very well done at that!

    Congratulations to the Brides and Groom! May they live happily ever after and have lots of triplets!

    Riley and Star.

  3. Preacher Puddles and Creative Genius (AKA Puddles Mom)
    Great job. I'l laughing my head off and my hubby thinks I've gone bonkers!!!

    Well done and the first song/dance was Top Knotch.
    madi and Mom

  4. I really tried to get that bouquet! But Puddles doesn't mess around. She nearly tore off my necklace!

  5. Those Elgin Thugs can really belt out some tunes! We worked off that huge meal and cake on the dance floor. Hey, is there any food left? Oh, okay, just set up 3 more glasses of red please. We'll hit the floor again when the pads have had a rest!

    Great fun!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. Oh, gosh! I'm having the most terrific time! This is SO much fun! I can't believe I caught the bouquet and my boyfurend Booker Man caught the garter! Gulp!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. I see. So the bride and groom celebrate by shoving cake into each other's mouths. Interesting.

  8. Woof! Woof! Can't wait for you next post(s). Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. WooHoo! I am having da best time! Dos Elgin Thugs really knows how to SINGS too!! What a grreat pawty!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  10. Alls rightly right peep and pup!! 'dats it!! Come on!! Come ones.. come all..don't be shy.. on 'da dance floor!!

    Moves it!! Grooves it!! We's sharing 'da loves and joys of our dear Frankie, Ruby and Pennys!!

    Wooooooooo Hooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    'da Thugga Pugga Anakin Man

  11. this is the bestest reception evarrr! i am so happy for you, mr. frankie and miss ruby and miss penny!!! i still can't believe i caught the garter! egads!! OoOoOoo! it's time for a dance off! shake it like a polaroid picture! teeheehee!
    the booker man

  12. I aweady said befowe that I was snifff, sniff, so moved by this bootimous cewemony and that sniff, Puddles pweachew did the ost wondewfullest job of conducting the cewemony

    I was vewy moved (snifff)
    I think this was just pawfect and the love you have fow each othew will stay fuwwevew
    smochie kisses

  13. Well I'm stuffed, great food and great company, right whos for a dance, might have to pace meself, other wise I might be under the table later!

  14. What happened, dis post nevers showed up in my dashboard?????????
    Oh wells, I'm here now.
    I gots to go dance now
    " I like to move it , move it"
    Wooooowhoo you go Mayzie! I can't believes her cought da boo-kay...hehehe!
    I there any cake left? I just want do icing.

    Preacher Puddles

  15. (Burp) the foods sure was good. If I hadn't ate so much I might have been able to jump higher when they tossed the garter.

    Lucy, sorry about landing on your back. Glad I didn't hurt you. ~Fenris

  16. I didn't know Alien could dance like that...

  17. This was just the best start to a reception ever!

    My mom person absolutely adored you cake. She had an outside picnic wedding, just like you. She used yellow gingham material and that cake would have been so perfect.

    I can't wait to read more!


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