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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Guests Post #2

And the guest list continues.....

Luna looks just lovely in her pretty pink frock. She had a super time eating and DANCING her tiny little feet off. She even met ANOTHER Princess and... a couple of other CROWN wearing ladies. They made quite a group once they were all together.. and cause quite a stir too.

Now Bella, Daisy, and Kendra managed to stay within barking distance of each other, no matter how many times they were each asked to dance. How DO they do that? Let me tell you that those gals KNOW how to Pawty... big time. (What happened at the wedding... Stays at the wedding.)

Benny and Lily had so much fun that they didn't seem to miss the fact that there were no cards or dice at the reception. Have you ever noticed how much all of these Smushed Faced breeds can DRINK??? Where do they put it???

Booker and Asa seemed very quiet and shy... UNTIL Booker made that Hoooooge catch. It was really nice of him to let Asa wear the garter around for a while. He even let her dance with Dennis and Dexter and Norwood... Butt he kept an eye on her the whole time. Well, except while HE was dancing.

Izzy had to keep leaving her purse for someone to watch while she and Brutus hit the dance area... or the drink section. They seemed to disappear for about an hour once though. Wonder what THAT was about?????? (what happened at the Wedding... Stays.. etc. etc.)

Dressed in high style scarves...

... Cupcake and Lovie attracted the attention of a number of gentledawgs. They never had an empty plate, cup, or dance card.

Rooney spent some time searching for a certain Missing Guest until he was told that NO One had seen her...... Seems as though he gave up and decided to have a good time anyway. He was seen dancing with Luna at one time and then with Morgan. That boy surely did enjoy the Picnic foods.


was a bit startled when the Band first started up, but certainly did recover quickly once she and Minna Krebs started for the dance area.

Lucy was very glad that she didn't have to pull the carriage. She wanted to be able to kick up her hooves in the dance area without any sore muscles. She wasn't nearly as impressed with the picnic as she was with the lush grass in the park.

When Fenris tried to catch the garters... well, it was kind of a free for all, he jumped so high that he landed on poor Lucy's back. Fortunately neither was injured. They were later seen on the dance area cutting some Mean Grass together. And Fenris was wearing Lucy's hat!!!

Now Fiona and Abby were sooooo hoping that they would catch the bouquets. Well, at least one of them anyway. After a couple more helpings of picnic fare, they seemed to forget the disappointment though.

When the line formed for Cake.. Frappie was one of the furst. He was also heard singing along with the Elgin Thugs a time or two.


must have been hungry after the long trip. He had seconds of everything.

Mocha did some super break dancing, much to the delight of the entire crowd. He and Tucker even put on a little show together......Later in the evening. The girrrl dawgs LOVED THAT.

Princess and Luna formed a fast furendship, since they are both Royality. They kept eyeing the Carriage.... and asking for glass slippers..... All the Bo-Dawgs were wanting to dance with them.

Sugar must take dance lessons where Mocha does. They could be on TV. What talent.

It was all a bit much for Wai Pai to take in.

Wai Max kept Wai Pai company while all the fancy dancing was going on. Maybe they were just planning what moves they are going to be practicing.

The food and fun are still going to be headed your way...


  1. This is great. Who knew a wedding would be such a good place to pick up hot gals. Hehehe.


  2. It was so good to see all our old furiends and meet some new ones too. It sure seems like a grand time was had by all.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. IzZY: Has anyone seen my purse?? Oh well, come on Brutus.. let's put down these drinks and keep dancing....

  4. Josie to IzZY: hee hee... 'da Josie has yous purse and Ummm... it's morning IzZY.. yous and Brutus are paw-Ty animals..

    IzZY to Josie: I still dance!! Toot Toot!!

  5. I had a great time dancing with Lucy. Not sure why girls like hats so much that thing kept getting in my eyes.

    It is great meeting so many new friends. ~Fenris

  6. Hi you all of you, I'm not very good at remembering names!!! and there are so many of us. I'm off for a dip in the water with Pip, to cool me pads off, see yea all soon

  7. Hi Sallie, I know Stanzie has one! maybe she came with a back up one? for Wyatt! thanks for the comment on me dancing, I'm into Folk and some fox trotting, still getting the moves right on that one, sorry I stepped on you toes

  8. We really had a blast! So great to see old friends and make new ones too! Weeeee!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  9. So much fun!

    My mom person & I are so impressed with all the hard work and fun you are putting into all of these posts!

  10. I had such a great time dancing the night away with IzZY!! :) What a great pawty!!


  11. Oh this wedding is awesome. The drinks, dancing and the beautiful outfits!! The food is out of this world! And did we mention the drinks...
    Benny & Lily

  12. Yes, Puddles. I know you caught the bouquet. It reminded me of a Gladiator pit.

  13. this wedding and reception has just been so super especially wonderful like!
    oh, and asa may be my big sis and all, but i still am gonna keep an eye on her cuz she should totally be treated like the lady that she is! :)
    the booker man


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