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Friday, August 20, 2010

When you Arrive tomorrow...

The Wedding of Ruby and Penny and Frankie : Will Post at 2:00 PM on 8/21/2010

the reception will post at 6:00 PM on 8/21/2010

You will be greeted by the Dachsies With Moxie. They will help you get comfortable and will be giving you a copy of the Play list for the Reception. The musical entertainment will be provided by ANAKIN MAN and THE ELGIN THUGS. Please Bigify for ease in reading... it will be worth the time... I'm just sayin'.

Chip and Thai are ready to offer their paws to help our guests find comfortable places to wait for our arrival.

Taz and Ginger are ready to assist our guests. Ginger Chip Taz and Thai will also be helping you... to help yourself at the PICNIC STYLE Buffet....

Ruby and Penny and I would like to thank the Dachsies with Moxie and Anakin Man and the E. Thugs for giving us their time and talents.

You will be seeing them tomorrow here and there ... We just wanted to introduce them now so we are sure they are properly recognized.

Please Note: We will be arriving on my Boat... It is our hope that you will enjoy the view over Beautiful Lake Superior and the surrounding Hillcrest Park as you watch for us to come in close to shore and anchor. You will be able to see and hear from your location along the beach area. We will be accompanied by Preacher Puddles and Daisy The Maid of Honor and Sargent the Best Dawg. (We hope you enjoy the view and can see the "Sleeping Giant" off in the distance.)


  1. Ohh Ohhh I am so excitamagated nows . I si never never going to gets any sleeps tonight now at all. If I am all of a fluster I can'ts imagine hows you must be feelings.
    Big Luvs to you all and see you tomorrow

  2. OMG...I am soooooo excited bouts da wedding. I'm gonna be likes Lola...I will never gets to sleep tonite. Thank goodness I already gots our transportation lined up and ready to go.
    Ummmmm...just outta I going to be doing da ceremony on da boat? I don't likes water.


  3. WE can hardly contain our excitement. We can't wait for tomorrow to come. Just be careful and don't let the Preacher fall overboard.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Oh, this is pawsome. A royal wedding couldn't be any better than this. (It must have cost your pawrents a fortune.) It's a good thing it's only tomorrow because I just can't wait any longer than that!

    lotsa licks and much happiness to you all,

    Lola (and Franklin because he's my plus one.)

  5. Woof! Woof! Looking forward to it ... can't wait for the musical entertainment. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. I is soooo excited 'bouts the wedding! See all of youz tomorrow!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. Wowser Bowser... I'm about to have two beautiful WIVES. See you all.... SOON!

    I love you girrrrls!

  8. Hey Ruby and Penny and Frankie,
    Sarge here... Frankie's Best Dawg. I am just getting ready to leave Tionesta, PA and head off to the Wedding.
    I can't wait to help you into your Wedding..
    I have my... Pull My Tail sign all ready to stick on your back. BaWaaaaah
    I Do have a prank though... I hacked into your comment thing. HAHAHA See you soon buddy.
    DON'T worry girls... I'll see to it that he makes it to the dock on time.

  9. Ooooohhh, I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!!!

    Just waiting for Lucy to arrive from her country yard...and then we heading North from Texas......

    by the ways....da Elgin Thugs playlist is Purrfect! Da Anakin is so talented

    See you there!!

  10. This is going to the the wedding of the century!! Can't wait!! Lots of love, Holly

  11. Oh we just found outs about the wedding....... can we come toos. We are soooo excited.

  12. I want to wish you a happy wedding day. I won't get to comment tomorrow as Mommy is running away to see Grandma & Grandpa. ~Fenris

  13. Oh's we's super excited!!! Me's drinking plenty of tea and honey and E.T has been meditating and we's getting all packed!! IzZY and Josie be getting mani's and pedi's and getting alls beautEEfied ands we's bouncing offs 'da walls!!

    Anakin Man (IzZY & Josie are at 'da spa)

  14. Save me Cake, save me cake, save me cake - I can't wait for the cake!

    woof - Tucker

  15. Um...Asta's been tellin' us about this many dogs are getting married? It seems an odd number...and the preacher? Um...

    I'm gettin' my dress pressed as I paw this...

    Sounds like an event not to be missed...

    Perplexed kisses,

    Lacie Girlie

  16. Um tell Tucker that cake is my favorite too...

    Actually it's the icing...

    I want all of the icing...

    Lac XXOO

  17. This is the event of the season!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  18. Hi There Ruby and Penny,

    It took us ages to work out who was marrying who (until We Three Doxies explained that Puddles the minister doing wedding - not actual bride) then we couldn't find you! But now we have.

    Soooo first words are do not be scared, Frankie defo on his way (in snazzy garments dats to stop hims from drowning).

    We catching plane and then hitchin a ride with someones (we forgets who).

    Bonny was going to warn yours not to go through with it (We married already) but we knows Frankie the kind of guy who won't let you down. And he says he loves you, so we think you going to be ok.

    Lovely to find the BRIDES at last!!

    See you at the wedding!

    Hector and Bonny too!

  19. OK, I have you linked into my google reader and am locked and loaded.


  20. Charli is ready to go. Our post is up. Happy wedding day!!!!

  21. The first thing we thought when we got up today was - it's the Doxie Wedding today! We're so excited for you! Congratulations Frankie, Penny & Ruby! Hope you have lots of fun on your special day!

    The Road Dogs


  23. Lake Superior is beautiful from up in the spaceship.

  24. This is an event to remember
    Benny & Lily


Thanks for coming to the wedding. You have made our day so special.
Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Frankie Furter