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Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Guests Post #4

Let the Good Times Roll:

Remi was quite a hit with the Wo-Dawgs. He seemed a bit layed back at furst butt once he had a tummy full of picnic he got right into the SWIM of things. He even asked Ciara to dance.

Fortuanately Alien was more interested in Sugar than he was in Puddles. He kept asking her to dance and bringing her drinks. We were all stunned when Alien didn't seem to CARE that Puddles and her CREW... just up and took off in his space ship. No one thought we would ever see Puddles, Mayzie, or Maggie Mae again... especially since Norwood, Dennis, and Rooney were also on board.

Sallie Marie had the time of her life, once the band started up. She about danced her lovely paws off... with a certain Bo-Dawg..... It was a good thing she ate well at the picnic. BTW... do you have any idea how much an Alien can EAT???? Ginger and Chip said that they saw Alien stuff a burger and BEANS in Sallie Marie's purse. Now that is gonna stain, for sure.

Talk about eating... that Anakin Man shoveled in some Serious Groceries now. Well, he may have been nervous about his up coming Performance. Butt you should have seen how much the guy DRANK.... His lovely date Sequoia hardly left his side. She was even passing out paper and pencils for Anakin to give Pawtographs. She is one smitten Pug. The only problem came when Fenris asked Sequoia to dance... and Anakin Man just about came after the poor guy. Whew.. that was close, let me tell you.

Shasta and Shiloh had themselves a blast. They hadn't gotten out much lately and must have needed to let their ears down... BIG TIME. They ate like... well, that will just stay here,too. THEN they started workin' the crowd. They were everywhere havin a howling good time. THEN... the dancing started and Katie Bar the Door.. Those beagles can BOOGIE.

Shiv was pretty quiet until... the Garter Toss. Man he can move for a little guy. He got right in there with all the big guys and gave it his best shot.

Chico had a riot with all the new furends and exciting happenings. What a DANCER, by the way. Proving once again.. you don't have to BE hoooge to have a HOOOOGE bunch of fun.

Oh Sweet Sugar... we don't call her SWEET for nothing. That gal helped all the young'uns out BEFORE she got her food, drink, and cake. Then she did a circle dance with about 6 of them at once. SWEET that's her... BUTT make no mistake she had a good time later.. You should see how she can MOVE and GROOVE to an Elgin Thug tune!!! Alien seemed to agree!

Toby Moses... does NOT move like his namesake. At least not when the beat is fast and furious.

George Pooh was no slouch with the dancin' or the ladies. What is it with all these pugs.. they are a wild and crazy breed.

Now Lily Jayne was a bit (just a bit) more reserved... until she started makin' eyes at Anakin when he was singing and playing music. She is lucky Sequoia didn't see.

And Mimi Roo was givin' Shingo the "eye" ......

.... and Gracie Lynn was out there shakin' booty with the best of 'em. What IS it with these Pugs???? Perhaps it was the Headliner??? Perhaps it was just that we have so many Smush Faced furends. Whatever... they ALL seem to love a pawty.

Look at Molly in her Pretty Pirate dress. Hope she doesn't plan to take over Frankie's Ship.

OR... Alien's space ship...

Of course we KNOW for a fact that Indiana and Shingo LOVE to Pawty with the best of 'em.
This pawty was TAME compared to the Luau in Hona Roo Roo.

Speaking of a Pawty Animal... Josie can fill that bill FUR SURE. Just look at how gorgeous she is in her RED HOT frock. This is a gal lookin for.... ummmm ...... now SEE ...that is ANOTHER thing that is stayin' here. BOL BOL

Now here we have Mango the Maltese Kiddo and Ximui and Chubs Just look how ready they were to get into the celebration mode!!! They did some serious eating and ... oooops.. can't tell that pawt. Another of those things that Stayed. BOL

And... there are STILL MORE guests and Great good Times to come... sooooo


  1. Hey Alien hope thats not a Hot Dog you got there!! Anaken Man nice to meet you and the lovely Sequoia, Joise pretty as ever, and no red gas!
    Nice to meet the rest of you, this is turning out to be a very busy night. I'm stopping on the water from now on!!!

  2. Josie: hee hees... George yous funny.. I's cut backs on 'da icee creams...Snorts!!
    Everyones looks so nice and 'da Josie has 'da bestest times!!!

    My brother is head over tails wits 'dat Pretty Sequoia's!! He's couldn't stops smilings!!

    Oh's Frankie and Ruby and Penny!! Yous make 'da Josie smiles!!


    'da Josie...who else.. hee hees

  3. Woof! Woof! Golden Dance indeed. I would have dance with Alien ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. I can't stop staring at her golden fur. It's mesmerizing.

    And those beans were tasty. But what in the world is my evil cousin Freddy doing here?! Eating a hotdog no less.

  5. What a pawty!! Is anyone else getting married soon so we can do this again! It's fun! Lots of love, Holly

  6. I can't thank you enough for inviting us to the wedding of the century!
    We had tons of fun, food, friends and many many fabulous things over there!
    My brother Ximui fell in love (the first time ever) with Ms. Josie, she dressed to kill, I'm telling ya Frankie.
    Oh we're still floating in our dream paradise, thanks thanks thanks!

  7. Remy was a great dancer, per Ciara - he treated her like a little lady. We are a little late catching up on these latest posts, but we really got a little lost on the way home in that spaceship. We think that experience may have to stay with the wedding too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Oh my word!!! Josie... BOL. This wedding is too much. Kudos to the post'er.'
    Benny & Lily

  9. What a fun time! I love all the "eye candy" ladies in their pretty duds!



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