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Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Guests Post # 5

No one has seen Alien's ship.. and that wild and crazy bunch that took off in it.. for a while. Wonder what they are up to?

More of the Guests:

Stanzie was quiet at furst... butt wow did she loosen up when the band started. Don't let that sweet lace collar fool you!! The gal can shake a paw! She even danced a couple of times with Mango.

Wyatt really got into singing with the E. Thugs. There were rumors that he may want to start a band of his own. Perhaps call them the Green Thumbs. The ladies were lickin' their chops over him, that's for sure.

Here we have Lola and Franklin. She kept a Sisterly Eye on her brother. Don't they look spiffy??? They remembered that Ruby and Penny LOVE Yellow... how thoughful of them. Once Lola gave Franklin a couple of good dance steps to practice... she went to town herself. She was even seen break dancin' with Tucker. They made a good couple on the dance area.

Next we have:

DoDo, MoMo and.....

... Fluffy . They kind of stuck close together. They were a bit shy. Butt they did manage to get plenty of food and cake!!! And after they met some furends their age... they had a super time.

Here is Tucker showing some of his fancy pawwork. The guy can really DANCE!!! We just may see him on that Dancin' with the Stars show. He even found a couple of other Guys that could do some dance floor damage. Together they put on quite a show for the crowd. Tucker was very popular with the Wo-Dawgs.

Zona, Phoenix, and Cali took a rest and listened to the band and kept time with their tails.
That was the dance number where Sarge was out there with Morgan. It was the ONLY dance those two sat out... that's for sure. Phoenix and Cali had no problem finding pawtners either.

Tessa looked soooo cool and comfortable in her summer dress. For a tiny gal... she packed in some food and drink and GOOOOD times.

Lorenza was so popular with the fellas that she hardly got to take a drink break. We were all kind of disappointed that she didn't change dresses 87 times though. hehehe

Bunny, Blueberry and Lilac shocked everyone when they ....

jumped up and started.......

DANCING LIKE.... well, you know those Chip and Dale guys... and they were HOWLING... Green Papers... Green Papers.... give US Green Papers. Those ladies ended up with dozens of green papers under their collars. Must be those L O N G legs of theirs. They even did a Rockettes Kick Dance... Maybe that was what they were working on while they were off in Alien's Space ship with.... Puddles and her "CREW". hehehe

Morgan was really excited when Sarge asked her to dance. Butt then she met a couple of the other guys and seemed to forget all about Frankie's Best Dawg. This young lady may need some "Watching" in the future.

Hero hardly left Twix's side. He didn't even dance with anyone else. They made a striking couple. Doesn't Twix look AMAZING in Yellow??? And she remembered that it was the Wedding color... not surprising... She is that kind of lady. And that is JUST the way Hero treated her too. Like a Lady... He must have noticed that Twix's Dad is ... well, just a bit protective of her.

Speaking of Looking .... Gorgeous.... Check out Spongy and Licky.... Pearls Feathers and Flowers... and a couple of Fine Ladies. Who would have thought they could MOVE like THAT?????

Holly the good dog shows us all how to kick up our paws on the dance floor. She really knows how to move. She can certainly FLY when she has a Fast song to move and groove to. Her paws hardly touched down the entire time.

Stay Tuned for .... our big ......SEND OFF.........


  1. Dear Newlyweds
    We hopes you has a nice hunnymooon (you aren't actually going there are ye, only we knows you got a spaceship an all...). lol


  2. I attribute my dancing skills to my long legs and general lack of coordination.

    woof - Tucker

  3. Thanks for the dance Stanzie, I think it was me that needed the step stool form puddles!!!
    Hi to all the rest of yea, nice to meet you in the fur!! this is such a great party

  4. I has to say watching Bunny, Blueberry and Lilac dance made my heart race. You want say anything to my Mommy about that will you? ~Fenris

  5. What nice memories! It was such a magical night!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Beautifuls peeps!!! Oh's what a romantic nights!!

    We's loves yous Frankie and Ruby and Penny!!!

    Lovesssssssss.....'da Josie, IzZY and Anakin Man

  7. We had such a wonderful time at your wedding and we wish you three lifetimes of happiness and love. And Franklin wants Puddles' cell number, but don't worry, he doesn't have a phone himself so there's not a lot he could do with it.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  8. Woof! Woof! Great dance of Tucker. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. It was the best weekend of my life! Great weddding and! The music was great...just the kind to dance to! The spaceship is missing? Oh no. Last I saw it was when we landed in the bay. I had to ride a train home and then hitchhike the rest of the way. Wonder where it is? Thanks for a wonderful time! Lots of love, Holly

  10. Don't let that cute face fool you. Holly was partying like a rock star on the spaceship.

    Hmm. What's that? No, I'm not worried. I have a remote for the spaceship. I can put it on autopilot to bring it back at any moment. I just hope they keep a low profile. I'm more concerned that my cousin is here...

  11. Evewyone looked so wondewful..what a memowable weekend..I think it was magical
    smoochie kisses

  12. We all had a pawesome time celebrating with you your special day!
    Thanks a lot for inviting me!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. We just had the best time! Stanzie does love to dance, that crazy gal.
    Hey, my own rock band...good idea!


  14. I am sorry I didn't get to comment earlier. All of the posts have been wonderful. What a fun experience. We have our wedding post up but my hubby has been having some heath issues so I haven't gotten around to see everyone.

  15. I am such a lucky girl to have such an amazing guy! I really don't deserve him but I'm definitely gonna keep him ;o)
    This is the best reception I've ever been to. Ok, its the only one I've ever been to but still....
    I wanted to dance with Bunny and the gang but they told me my legs were too short!

  16. Thanks for having us around, it was so nice to escape the hot weather here in Singapore!

    May you all live happily ever after!!!!!!!! CONGRATS

  17. So much fun, but I can believe that Lorenza was too busy with the fellas to change dresses!



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